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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for June 21, 2022

Excellency President: We are “disgusted”, not you!

“I am not weak… I am disgusted,” said President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, in a press interview today. Two main things that draw attention in the presidential statement of five words and no more.

The first thing is that President Michel Aoun has moved, in the last five months of his term, from the stage of claiming strength to the stage of denying the weakness of his condition. Is it logical that the strong president has become all concerned to confirm that he is not weak? What the president said once again confirms the predicament of the Covenant, the predicament of his master, and the predicaments of all the politicians who endorsed and supported him!

The second remarkable thing in the statement was President Aoun’s assertion that it was disgusting. Is he the one who should be disgusted, or are we? Why and for what does he live in a state of disgust? Does he suffer from the high cost of living like us? Does he wait like us in queues of humiliation in front of the gas stations? Does he suffer like us every time we go to a bank to withdraw our salary, so we are insulted, provoked and forced to leave most of it in the bank?

Please Excellency President, we are not you.

One of the main reasons for our disgust is the state of affairs in your auspicious era. And because something is remembered, and because today is Father’s Day, we remember the title that was given to you at the beginning of the era, “Father of all”. Why didn’t you know how to keep the title? Why, instead of being a father to all the Lebanese, did you only become a father to Gibran Bassil and to your partisans and supporters? Truly, it is a dark end to the strong covenant!


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