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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for June 25, 2022

Changers lose Lebanon two battles?

Once again, Hezbollah proves that it is the most capable of managing the political game. The main reason for his ability is that in his hand is the solution and the linkage with his allies, and he can, with one lift of a finger, unite their ranks in the great merits, while the other side suffers division and fragmentation. And the last evidence of the battle to deliver Najib Mikati to the presidency of the government again! But does this mean that the party and its allies have the majority in the House of Representatives? Certainly not.

The opposition group does not have more than 61 or 62 deputies at best, meaning that the other forces have at least 66 deputies. But the problem is that these forces are not one, but rather three. There are first the sovereign partisan forces, then the independents, and finally there are the forces of change. So far, there has been no real coordination between these forces that would allow winning the political battles that were fought. The real reason for the lack of coordination is the refusal of the forces of change to deal with the sovereign partisan forces and with a large number of independents on the pretext that these are among the forces of the system.

When will the changers abandon their evaluative view of the other? And when will they realize that their work in Parliament cannot achieve a practical result unless they allied themselves with other forces? Their number does not exceed thirteen deputies, and therefore they cannot translate their slogans for change unless they allied themselves with the political party forces and the independents.

So will the changers learn from what happened, or do they continue the policy of not extending a hand to others, which makes Lebanon lose two battles: the battle to restore its sovereignty, and the battle to liberate its state from corruption and spoilers!


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