| 26 February 2024, Monday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for June 27, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

– Diab’s government takes revenge on citizens, and Hariri manipulates their future

– On the eve of subsidy lifting, this is how fuel was stored and smuggled across the border

– Beirut amid contradiction, Venezuela by day and Monaco by night

Are we living in a Lebanese Republic or in a Lebanese madhouse? Before answering, let us highlight three things that we are living daily. First, the Lebanese sufferings  in front of gas stations, endless waiting, problems and disputes between those waiting and station workers, and those waiting themselves, and although gasoline is available, officials decided not to raise the price before next Wednesday, how and why, no one knows, and while waiting, people are live in constant humiliation, but who cares about people?

The second is related to the caretaker government, as its staff, especially its president, decided that they neither want to meet nor to run people’s daily lives. And so, they suspended exercising their powers entrusted to them by the constitution, while lecturing about the interpretation of the constitution, trying to delude public opinion that the constitution prevents them from achieving any accomplishment or procedure. But this is not true, as the constitution has granted them lots of powers, but they are reluctant and hesitant, why? Most likely, because they want to take revenge on the people who rejected the government of Hassan Diab and his alleged specialists, and then revolted against them after the crime of port explosion.

The third is related to the Prime Minister-designate stance regarding formation, as it became obvious  that Saad Hariri does not want to form a government, and all he cares about is wasting time for two reasons, the first is to thwart Michel Aoun’s covenant once and for all, and the second is to overthrow the choice of a mission government, and to favor the option of an election government later , provided that he chooses its president, who will not be a candidate for the parliamentary elections.

And thus, here is the whole picture, officials who deliberately punish and humiliate citizens in front of  gas stations, a caretaker government quitting  everything because it wants to revenge on the people, and a prime minister-designate , trading his country’s current situation and his people’s future for the sake of what is left of his personal present time and future, and you are still saying that we live in a republic? Oh, goodbye Republic, and welcome to Lebanese madhouse.