| 26 June 2022, Sunday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for May 24, 2022

What will Gebran Bassil do?

It’s the calm after the storm. All electoral tension seems to be over at once. The noise disappeared, to be replaced by a political struggle. The title of the conflict: The Presidency of the House of Representatives, the Vice Presidency, and the Council’s Bureau.

On the face of it, the issue is triangular, but in fact it is about one thing: the presidency. Note that the presidency is settled in principle for President Nabih Berri. But the conflict centers around two problems: Can Berri secure half plus one in the election process? Can he also secure the Christian charter to secure his re-election? The two problems are, in fact, interlinked, and are related to the Free Patriotic Movement’s position on Berri’s election.

If the position is positive, then this means that the majority is secured if we count the votes of the democratic meeting. But if the Free Patriotic Movement refrains from supporting Nabih Berri, the latter will reach a real and deep predicament. He will not obtain the majority, that is, he will succeed with a meager number of votes, and then he will be deprived of the Christian charter. If it comes to the position of Gebran Bassil. Will he give Berri a lifeline, or will he abstain from doing so, on the pretext that Berri was one of the most prominent contributors to the failure of the covenant, and even to its potential for success?

The answer is soon and very soon, so let’s wait for what Gibran Bassil will do!!


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