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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for May 4, 2022

Statesmen or bandits?

Is it a coincidence that the deletion of the name of MP Ali Hassan Khalil from Facebook coincides with the night of the fourth of May, the day that was linked to the crime of the era, the crime of the port? It is certain that those in charge of Facebook did not intend history, but it is also certain that at times coincidence is better than a thousand dates.

Today is May 4, 2022, which indicates that it has been precisely twenty-one months since the bombing of Beirut’s port, but the truth has yet to emerge. Why? Is there a failure of the security services or the judiciary?

Absolutely, but because the pillars of the political system do not want the truth. What is meant by the pillars of the system here is Hezbollah, the Amal movement, and all the political forces that revolve in their orbit. Even Ali Hassan Khalil, who is punished by the American, and who has been blocked from Facebook, dared to attack the Lebanese judiciary, flooding it with an endless stream of lawsuits to respond and quarrel with the state, so that the judicial investigator became an accused, and so that justice became a defendant.

This situation will not end as long as the ruling authority controls the judiciary, does not believe in the independence of the judiciary, and does not want neither truth nor justice. Which country is this controlled by bandits, and are we in front of statesmen or members of a mafia?

Therefore, dear Lebanese: your country needs you, and the electoral duty is calling you. Participate massively in the elections because “Your votes are our legitimate weapon, so we can extract them and prevail”.

  • Sawt Beirut International