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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for May 5, 2022

Entitlement 2022: Referendum not election

As in Lebanon, so in the region: the picture is gray and blurry. The Vienna negotiations between the United States of America and Iran are up and down. Although the positive trend is dominant, with the regime in Iran there are surprises, especially when the negotiations reach the last stage or the last moments.

Hence the deadly agitation that we live in in Lebanon and the region. From here, the importance of the expected democratic elections. The parliamentary elections in Lebanon this time are more of a referendum than an election. If the sovereigns win, this means that the Lebanese people want the state, not the state. He wants the army, not the militia affiliated with Hezbollah. He wants to restore spirit to Lebanon’s relations with the Arab countries and the international community, not to be isolated with countries that have become outside the movement of history, so as not to say outside the movement of progress and development. But if the Lebanese people choose those who call themselves the defiant, then he will have sentenced himself to death. Hence the fate of the 2022 elections, and from here also the great historical responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the voters.

Therefore, dear Lebanese: your country needs you, and the electoral duty is calling you. Participate massively in the elections because “Your votes are our legitimate weapon, so we can extract them and prevail”.

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