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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Monday, December 20, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:
A black deal between the Shiite duo and Basil, Bitar and the expatriates, in exchange for the government
Guterres: There is no conference to implement international resolutions, and the Somali scenario is excluded
Will Lebanon become an isolated island without Internet at the beginning of the year?
It is the deal of the year par excellence, the deals main Characters: Hezbollah and the The Free Patriotic Movement, the deal’s subject: dismissal of the forensic investigation into the Beirut Port crime, in exchange for the dismissal of the expatriates voting. This is in general. As for the details, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gobran Bassil, and the head of the liaison unit in Hezbollah, Wafiq Safa, are the ones responsible for the negotiations. So far, the following has been agreed upon: The Constitutional Council’s acceptance of the appeal submitted by the Free Patriotic Movement, which relieves the movement in general, and Bassil in particular, especially from the scattered voting that threatens Gobran Bassil to fall in his constituency. On the other hand, Hezbollah returns to the cabinet table, provided that the government, in its first meeting, takes a decision to appoint the first-rank judges. That is, the head of the Supreme Judicial Council, the Public Prosecutor of Cassation, the Financial Prosecutor and the Head of the Judicial Inspection, which constitutes an introduction and a prelude to the dismissal of the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Bitar. Does anyone believe that political immorality has reached this degree? Does anyone believe that the political authority is daring and interfering in the work of the judiciary and judges to such a scandalous and blatant extent? Does anyone believe that the dismissal of Bitar, required the dismissal of four senior judges in the republic to satisfy Hezbollah, and because the party does not want a judicial investigation and does not want to reveal the truth about the port crime? Indeed, it is a farce that does not happen even in the worst regimes and in the most backward countries. In any case, we were fully aware that Hezbollah has mastered the game of barter and that it has no taboos on this level. What matters the most, is its interest, and the interest of its Iranian employer and the Wali al-Faqih. But what we did not know was that the Free Patriotic Movement, was ready to barter the blood of the victims that fell, and the destruction of half of Beirut, for the sake of a parliamentary seat. We also did not know, that Gobran Bassil and Wafiq Safa, are two sides of the same coin, and that the Tayyar and the Party, are the same, in making suspicious black deals!