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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Monday, July 19, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Baabda targets the third presidency, the Higher Defense Council is an alternative to the government?
  • The Syrian’s deposits in Lebanese banks in numbers, what is the aim behind misleading attempts?
  • A horrible report by UNICEF, will the fate of the Lebanese children become similar to Yemeni children?

Things can change in Lebanon and around the globe, but the pillars of our system will never change, vary, or disappear. Their wicked and corrupt practices are the same, and the utmost dangerous is their disregard for the remaining interests of the people and their lives.

We have been looking for a Prime Minister since 11 months ago, but in vain. Mustafa Adeeb was designated and he apologized, then Saad Hariri was designated and he also apologized. Some parties say that the reason behind this deadlock is the regional and international conflict, as the US and Iran, have turned Lebanon into an arena for their political clashes.

Actually, this is part of the reality, but on the other hand, where is the willpower of the Lebanese? Where is their aptitude to neutralize themselves and their country from the deadly conflicts in the region? More significantly, where is the sense of responsibility among those who are considered senior officials, specifically with the President of the Republic and the Parliament Speaker, and who was designated to form the government as well as the leaders of the political parties? Where is the sense of responsibility on the part of Hezbollah, the party that is empowered with weapons to impose its will on the Lebanese?

All these parties are equal in responsibility, and are equal in negligence. Each party has its own accounts, and none of these parties care about Lebanon. For the sake of authority and ministerial portfolio, the country has been destroyed. Today, whoever bets on the awakening of conscience among the ruling parties is mistaken. Whoever does not believe let him observe how the parties of the system are racing to sign a petition to remove the case of Beirut Port explosion from the Judicial Council and refer it to a judicial body that has never convened, which is the Supreme Council for the Trial of Presidents and Ministers.

The system that does not care about the martyrs, so how can it care about people? The system that does not succumb to the fear of death and martyrdom, can it submit to the will of the people?

Change should take place in the ballot boxes, similar to what happened on Sunday in the Order of Engineers elections, otherwise, the rope of the system will remain wrapped around our necks forever. So will the Lebanese be responsible against these challenges this time?

  • Sawt Beirut International