| 1 February 2023, Wednesday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Monday, November 8, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Does the Arab League delegation hold any initiative to resolve the crisis with the Gulf states?
  • After Judge Mezher’s violations, will the magic turn on the magician?
  • Will patients die needlessly because hospitals often shut them out?

Have you ever seen a bus running at a crazy speed alone without a driver, exposing all its passengers to severe dangers? This is the case in Lebanon currently, as we live in a republic that lacks a leader and a decision maker as well.

The President of the Republic is almost absent from developments in all sense of the word. It is true that his media office issues a statement almost every day that keeps pace with events, but the Presidency of the Republic is not only verbal positions, but rather an action, a decision, and an ability to influence. The presidency is above all a reference that plays the role of arbiter and regulator for all authorities. Where is President Michel Aoun from all these roles and missions?

On the other hand, the Parliament Speaker does not act as the head of the legislative authority during the Parliamentary sessions. The evidence is what happened during the voting process in the last session. Berri does not forget that he is also the head of the “Amal” movement, and his faction prevails over the role of the unifying official. Therefore, he engages himself every day in side battles, especially against the Free Patriotic Movement and its head, MP Gebran Bassil, which has turned the Parliament into an arena for settling scores between him and the movement.

Najib Mikati, is in principle the head of the executive authority, but there is a great difference between principle and reality, as he is in fact just a suspended prime minister! Since forming the government, Mikati has played the role of the witness, not the role of the actor or influencer.

This is what happened with the Iranian ships, in the Tayouneh Ain El Remmaneh incidents, and with George Kordahi. Mikati, Of course, wants Kordahi’s resignation, but it became obvious how far-sighted he is and how short his hand is, and how Hezbollah influences his government’s ministers more than he does.

Is anyone still asking why we got here? We are a republic without a leader, and only God is taking care of us, while the excess power of Hezbollah is killing us whenever it sees fit. When will our leaders give up their surrender, and when will the Lebanese Republic have real officials and not likenesses?

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