| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Monday, October 18, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

– The Parliament is at stake tomorrow, and Bitar’s dismissal is locally and internationally out of the question.
–  To whom did Saudi Arabia direct its messages, after Hezbollah’s invasion of Ain al-Rummaneh?
– After his negative stances and alliances with Hezbollah, the Aounist Tayyar regress in popularity.

What will Hassan Nasrallah say tonight? Will his tone be escalatory or compromise? Regardless of the tone with which the Secretary-General of Hezbollah will speak regarding the Tayouneh-Ain al-Remmaneh confrontations, it is certain that he will not be Auto Critic of what happened. He will as usual, be arrogant, and will refuse to acknowledge reality, and will bame the Lebanese forces, and maybe the army, but in return he will not admit at all, that he made a mistake in approaching the port explosion file from A to Z. First, He challenged Bitar and waved with his finger to his face. But Bitar did not fear or retreat. Then the first security official in the party, Wafiq Safa, was sent to Adliye, so that those responsible for al-Bitar would submit, and put pressure on the judicial investigator. Hezbollah’s plan, once again failed. Then Nasrallah threatened with the street , his and Amal’s supporters went to the street, and the confrontations of Tayouneh-Ain al-Rummaneh happened. Will Nasrallah be ready to admit his mistake or the mistake of his party? Most Probably not. That is because the party and its general secretary, always proceed from the saying that the party is always right,and that the opponents are always wrong. Therefore, Nasrallah will go further, and consider what happened to be a conspiracy against his party, not only from Israel, but from the United States of America and all the forces of global arrogance. But do this rhetoric, and this language still work at the beginning of the twenty-first century? In any case, the party must realize that it is in trouble, not only with the Lebanese Forces, but with all the streets. The incidents of Khaldeh proved his problem with the Sunni street. Shwayya incidents confirmed his problem with the Druze street. And Tayouneh incidents showed his problem with the Christian street. Still, the party says that it is very keen on civil peace. If this is true, then why is it always in permanent and escalating problems with all the Lebanese components? How can it reconcile his desire for peace with his apparent and covert wars with everyone? Will civil peace be preserved by wars in various arenas and with all components?