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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Monday, October 4, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • The Court of Appeal deals a slap at Hezbollah and refuses to stop Bitar
  • Tax evasion and financial corruption, Diab and Mikati at the forefront of those involved
  • A Lebanese woman penetrates British society with belly dancing and Lebanese cuisine

Once again, the Lebanese judiciary proves that its verdicts are actually issued in the name of the Lebanese people. The Court of Appeal headed by Judge Nassib Elia refused to stop the judicial investigator, Judge Tarek Bitar, from investigating in the Beirut Port explosion case.

This means that all the lawsuits filed by the current MPs and former ministers Nohad Machnouk, Ghazi Zuaiter and Ali Hassan Khalil has been dropped. The importance of Elia’s verdict is in its content and secondly because it was issued rapidly.

Thus, Judge Al-Bitar was able to resume his investigations, and most notably interrogating the three deputies as defendants, after they hid and fortified themselves and entrenched behind the lawsuits they filed for not appearing before the judicial investigator.

Greetings to Judge Elia and his colleagues in the court for what they did today, especially since it coincided with the passage of exactly one year and two months since the explosion of the port.

The victims who fell, the injured who suffered, and the city that was devastated before our eyes, all deserve to know the truth as much as they deserve justice. Based on what happened, let us hope that Judge Randa Kfoury’s decision regarding the legitimate suspicion case will be the same as Judge Nassib Elia’s decision in the response cases. Then Judge Bitar resumes his investigations into the explosion of the port, free of all restrictions.

While the judiciary recorded a white point in its history today, the politicians added a new black point to their record, which was represented by the indulgence of many of them in the Pandora scandal, as it was proven that they smuggled their money abroad, evading the payment of appropriate taxes to the Lebanese state.

At the forefront of those whose names were mentioned: the current Prime Minister Najib Mikati and the former Prime Minister Hassan Diab. Paradoxically, the two came to head the government on the basis of reform and on the basis of getting Lebanon out of its severe economic crisis.

Will reforms be achieved and the country overcome its crisis by tax evasion? As a result: Long live the just and impeccable judiciary, and let the corrupt politics fall.

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