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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Saturday 16 October 2021

In today news bulletin:

  • Hezbollah demands Geagea for justice
  • Families of the port victims: Hoteit’s statement does not represent us, and we trust Judge Al-Bitar
  • After the battle in Ain al-Remmaneh…why does Hezbollah fear May 7 in Christian areas

Is it Hezbollah or “accusing while guilty” party? Whoever listens to the representative of the Resistance and Liberation bloc, Hussein Hajj Hassan, believes that Hezbollah is a peaceful secular brotherhood or an anti-violence association that has nothing to do with weapons. Whoever listens to Hajj Hassan believes that the demonstrators were ambushed, knowing that the truth is completely different.

The demonstrators, or those who claim to be demonstrators, entered two streets of Ain al-Rummaneh, but the army repelled them. Then they entered a third street, where they fired indiscriminately and destroyed cars. The people were forced to repel. Accordingly, what happened last Thursday was not a troop ambush in the Tayouneh area, as you claimed, Honorable Representative. Rather, it was an attempt to raid the streets of Ain al-Remmaneh by Hezbollah and the Amal movement, which led to confrontations. So don’t claim innocence, and don’t pretend that you and your team are just a victim.

The slogans launched by the supporters of the two parties are provocative par excellence, and the apparent weapons with ammunition confirm that the party and the movement’s elements did not come to participate in a demonstration, but to raid an area.

The sweetest part of Hajj Hassan’s words is his assertion that severe punishments must be inflicted against the killers, planners, and military officials, up to the top of the pyramid, Samir Geagea. Doesn’t Hajj Hassan know that Hezbollah is the last one who has the right to demand criminalizing people?

The party is fundamentally against the law and does not recognize either local laws or international laws. The evidence is what happened with the International Court. Why didn’t you acknowledge its decision, Mr. Hassan? Why did you not cooperate with the court? More importantly, why did you not hand Salim Ayyach over to international justice, who was convicted, and rather claimed that you did not know where his was?

Finally, Mr. Hassan, whoever did not surrender the murderer of the martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and his companions, has no right to speak about the law, just as he does not have the right to claim that he is subject to law and justice!

  • Sawt Beirut International