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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Saturday 24 July 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Another innovation, Mikati, a hero of corruption, also a candidate for rescue
  • The international community has lost confidence in the political class and is looking forward to the productivity of the army
  • Doctors in Lebanon are stuck between life threatening dangers and the fear of the patient’s family

How did Najib Mikati become the symbol of the country’s salvation overnight? Does anyone believe that one of the most corrupted politicians can lead the battle to get Lebanon out of its open crises? In any case, Najib Mikati is not in a hurry, as he started imposing his conditions from a faraway country, as he did not even bother to come to Lebanon when news started spreading about his assignation. He was spending a three-week vacation on his yacht with his family, relatives and friends on one of the Greek islands. He had to cut it today in response to the call of duty, or rather in response to the call of the post.

The country is groaning from the accumulated aches, and Mikati is relaxing on a Greek island. It is a flagrant disregard for the Lebanese in general and for the people of his city, Tripoli, who elected him to take care of their affairs, while he chose to run to Greece, without suffering from electricity cuts, the fuel crisis nor the lack of medicine. And the worst of all, is that this irresponsible deputy tends to be nominated to head the next government by most of the parties. Is the failure here related to Najib Mikati only, or to a whole failed political class?

Do not those who will name Mikati on Monday know that he was prime minister in November 2013 when the Roussos entered Lebanon carrying 2,750 tons of nitrates?

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