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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Saturday 4 September 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • What are the backgrounds and dimensions of the Lebanese delegation’s visit to Syria?
  • The Iranian Hezbollah ship between truth and propaganda
  • Where are the consciences of those responsible for the suffering of thalassemia patients?

Does Michel Aoun really want a government, or does he prefer to remain without a government until the end of his term? It is the question that has been on the minds of people, analysts, and observers from year till day. Despite the validity and importance of the question, it is not the main question that should be asked, but rather should be replaced by another question: Does Michel Aoun really want the Taif regime, or does he seek to change it and will struggle to achieve this until the last day of his tenure? The reason for the second question is that Michel Aoun, no matter how different opinions were about him, was and will remain a man of extremes, and he was and will remain a man of hatred for the Taif regime. In the year 1988, he head the transitional government, and its single constitutional objective was to secure the appropriate atmosphere and conditions for holding presidential elections.

But Aoun on that day did everything except what was required of him by the constitution. And most importantly, he fought three suicidal wars in two years to reach the presidency, but he did not succeed. But he succeeded in ending the republic of 1943 and in the birth of the Taif Agreement, which he fought from the first moment and still is fighting. Today, and because Michel Aoun wants to secure the mandate of the covenant for his son-in-law, he is fighting absurd battles that will only lead to the demise of the Taif Republic and the birth of a new republic whose features have not yet been clarified.

Thus, once again, Michel Aoun proves that he is a man of extremes, and that he is ready for everything in order to reach power. Therefore, those who are waiting for Aoun to accept a government whose decision won’t be controlled by him, will have to wait a long time. Aoun, the 1990 edition, ended the first republic, and Aoun, the 2022 edition, would end the second one, and he would end Taif, so let us hope that he does not end the state and the nation as well!

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