| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Saturday, December 4, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

– Macron announces a French-Saudi initiative to address the crisis with Lebanon
– How strong is the Lebanese passport, and how many countries receive you without a visa?
– COVID continues to threaten the world, and steals one of the most prominent faces of Lebanese sports

Georges Qordahi resigned, so what is next? This “what” includes two basic questions: Will Qordahi’s resignation restore the Lebanese-Gulf relations’ spirit? Will his resignation make the government reconvene? On the surface, the matter is in the hands of Macron, who is on a Gulf tour that includes the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. But in depth, it is about the Lebanese state. What will the Lebanese officials do to restore Arab and Gulf confidence in them? Can they be freed from Hezbollah’s influence and its dominance over the Lebanese decision-making? Everyone knows that Qordahi’s “head” was sold in a deal between Macron, Iran and Hezbollah, to please Saudi Arabia ,and so that the French president could meet with the Saudi monarch with a winning card in his hand. Therefore, what happened is not to please Lebanon, but to please France. Will the French winning card be sufficient for Macron to win his bet on restoring Lebanese-Gulf relations to their normal course? The most likely answer, is no.
Therefore, it is required from the state, specifically the presidents of the republic and the government, to take qualitative, bold and unprecedented steps. So, will the “weapom”party allow that? As for the government meeting, there is nothing to suggest that the “Together to the Rescue” government will re-convene soon. The deal based on sacrificing Tariq Bitar in return for accepting the appeals submitted by the Free Patriotic Movement to the Constitutional Council is being cooked, but on a low fire between the Shiite duo on one side, and the Tayyar on the other hand. So, will the Tayyar dare to go ahead with this deal, that will eliminate what remains of its popularity within the Christian street? Waiting for the answer, the government keeps on swaying. Is it possible for a country where there is no actual government, to face the year of entitlements, challenges, and perhaps…confrontations?