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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Saturday, January 30, 2021

In today’s bulletin:
– Tripoli, intensity of accusations and lack of investigations’ data
– Jerry Maher, I defy anyone to provide one proof of our interference in Tripoli events
– Abyad’s surprise: 49 percent of health workers did not decide yet to be vaccinated.
It ended the same way it started; this is the mouthpiece in Tripoli. With initiating second phase of the closure, a state of discontent prevailed among the people of Tripoli. They took to the street to express their anger. Intruders infiltrated, and distorted the movement of the city’s residents. And this is what the investigations, which are supposed to be transparent and quick, should reveal, and not follow the slow pace of port investigations. Tripolitans will not come to ease, until after the investigations are completed and the names of those involved, and of those behind them are revealed, especially since people are tired of making arbitrary accusations. Moreover, it is required that the treatments be social and livelihood affairs need to be met, and not only the military and security aspects.
And as country is overwhelmed by Tripoli and the concerns of Corona, the pillars of the authority live in denial of the status quo, and continue the luxury of media and political conflicts, oblivious to the fact that the country is suffering badly, due to executive authority’s failure and paralysis. What is so flagrant in this controversy, is the clash between the blue and orange Tayyars. The orange Tayyar attacked the designated president and called him to stop being distracted by throwing others with what he is plunged in, regarding local and regional political dilemmas and entanglements and international expectations, hiding in delusion. As for the blue Tayyar,it reminded the Lebanese of the political party that stormed Bkerke one day and directed the greatest insult to the symbol of Christians in Lebanon. The blue concluded its response by saying that we are in a time of very strong covenant in obstruction, and exploiting rights of the sect, in order to overthrow the Taif Agreement.
In light of this reality, the gap is widening between the President of the Republic and the President-designate, until it seems that the formation of the government is almost out of reach. The same is happening in the region, it seems that things are not going well, after the words of French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday, that any engines for new talks, should include Saudi Arabia, did not comfort Iran, and it replied that the parties to the nuclear file are clear and unchangeable. This stance was considered by observers, as an Iranian rejection of the French proposal and adherence to excluding Riyadh, which increases the complexities of the Iranian nuclear file.

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