| 4 February 2023, Saturday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Saturday, November13, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:
– Hezbollah’s Barriers at Oyoun Al-Siman in black shirts… A message to whom?
– Has the Iranian diesel lie expired…or have the smuggled quantities run out in the first place?
– Sheikh Bahaa Hariri inaugurates a “Sawa for Lebanon” center in Akkar… seeking to build a state.
During the “two- year” war, and in 1976, PLO’s second man, Abou Ayyad, said his famous phrase: “the road to Jerusalem, passes through Jounieh.” Then, this phrase sparked a surge of negative reactions, as it pointed out to the Palestinians intentions of controlling a region of a specific character. It was considered, in one way or another, the stronghold of the Lebanese resistance. Of course, Abu Ayyad’s statement was not achieved, as the magic turned against the magician. Exactly four years later, i.e. in 1982, the PLO left Lebanon due to the Israeli invasion, local resistance and regional changes, that the Palestinian leadership misread it at that stage.
There is a lot of resemblance between today and yesterday, as the leadership of Hezbollah is repeating the same mistake that the Palestinian leadership committed. Pictures have went viral on social networking sites, showing members of Hezbollah in black shirts, and with all their weapons, in the outskirts of Oyoun Al-Siman. According to Al-Markaziyah, what has been happening in Oyoun al-Siman area since three days, is a silent maneuver through a training camp that the party has set up for its members, and dismantled it today.
What is Hezbollah’s intention of militarily deploying in an area that has its own privacy and sensitivity, and rejects Hezbollah’s military force? Is establishing the camp, about a month after the attempt of invading Ain al-Remmaneh, a message to the people of the region in general, and to the Lebanese forces in particular, and constitutes a continuation of the direct threat that Hassan Nasrallah launched against the Lebanese forces? No matter what it is, what is certain, is that what was not achieved in 1976, will not be achieved in 2021. Just as the road to Palestine has ot passed through Jounieh, the Iranian road to the Mediterranean, will definitely, not pass through Oyoun Al-Siman.