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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Sunday, August 15, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • The explosion of a petrol depot in Tleil causes a massacre
  • Shocking numbers reveal the extent of fuel smuggling to Syria
  • Huge differences between citizens’ incomes and expenditures

Welcome to the Republic of Death. From nitrates in the port of Beirut to benzene in Al-Tleil in Akkar, the title is the same: neglect and corruption that lead to death. Beirut was burned and destroyed about a year and ten days ago. And here is Akkar burning today, and the rest of the regions on the same track, if we don’t get it right, and liberate ourselves and our country from false leaders, corrupt politicians and irresponsible officials, and remove them, not only from the government, but from our present and our future.

The Future Movement and the Free Patriotic Movement are both accused of the crime, and the two parties are pointing fingers at each other. While the responsibility of the Free Patriotic Movement is undetermined and not fixed so far at least, the responsibility for the future is almost certain.

The owner of the land where the explosion occurred is known to be close to the Future Movement and for voting for one of his representatives in the last elections. The owner of the tanks has a close relationship with two representatives from the Future Movement, Walid Al-Baarini and Muhammad Suleiman. Moreover, the owner of the tanks has been arrested for two months for practicing smuggling, without leading to the removal of the Future Movement’s cover.

Has the future turned from a political trend with a cause to a commercial one? Has it transformed from a movement that defends the state of truth and law into a group of interests that defends the non-state and the mafias of slander and smuggling? And the most dangerous thing in Al-Tleil explosion, which has claimed 22 victims so far, is to end as if it had never happened. A transparent investigation is required to reveal the representatives and leaders who own or benefit from networks smuggling fuel to Syria. If we do not do this, the blood of the victims will be wasted, and the future of our existence will be in vain. One last question remains: After all these facts, are we not entitled to call the MPs of the Future Movement the “no-future MPs” ?

  • Sawt Beirut International