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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Sunday, August 29, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Mikati is close to apologizing, and Aoun continues to obstruct
  • Rabie Hassouna, Saad Hariri’s main assistant, enters the cancer drug monopoly club
  • The waste crisis is exacerbating in Beirut… and the consciences of officials will enter the dustbin of history

Thirteen months after the government void, the problem has become clear and indisputable. The President of the Republic does not want a government, except according to his calculations to face two entitlements: Parliamentary elections and Presidency elections. For the legislative elections, he wants the ministries of interior and justice. And when he discovered the difficulty of holding on to the two suitcases, he chose justice for himself by assigning them to a person who owed his full loyalty to him, and entered into a speculative partner in choosing the Minister of the Interior. And while choosing names and putting lists, the writing process took a long time, without reaching yet a happy ending. But the problem does not stop here. There is a deeper problem related to the presidential elections. Aoun realizes that the presidential elections may not take place during the constitutional period, i.e. in the fall of 2022, and therefore the government that is forming now will assume the duties of the caretaker until the election of a new president of the republic, and so he is seeking to control the decision in it through the blocking third.

On the other hand, the other team knows what Aoun wants and does not want him to achieve his goals. Here’s the problem where the image of Gebran Bassil lies. This time, Aoun is not fighting for himself and his personal dreams, but rather for Gebran and for his Republic bequeathing, similar to what he did with the FPM.

From here, those who believe that General Aoun will accept fair solutions are delusional. He wants the blocking third, the ministries of justice and the interior no matter if his requests got rejected. And for the sake of his demands, he is ready to paralyze the country for another year. And whoever does not believe, let him prepare for the scene of the year 1990, when Aoun was not convinced, and did not leave the Baabda Palace, except for the roar of the Soviet-made and Syrian-operated MiGs. But who will run the MiG in 2022?

  • Sawt Beirut International