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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Sunday, December 5, 2021

Is Mikati able to implement the joint French-Saudi statement?

  • Will Lebanon implement the proposals of the Saudi-French statement?
  • After Kordahi… Is it time to overthrow Al-Bitar?
  • First year of the Voice of Beirut International news bulletin

A year ago today, the news bulletin was launched on Sawt Beirut International. A year ago: the truth became clearer. And as we blow out the first candle of the Sawt Beirut International news, we give our listeners, viewers and followers, a pledge and a promise.

The pledge is we will remain entrusted with saying things as they are, without equivocation, without shame or apprehension. And the promise that we will remain the voice of the citizen in pain, the citizen seeking salvation. In a time of difficulties and challenges, no voice will be louder than Sawt Beirut International, because it was and will remain: the voice of freedom and liberation.

Politically, Najib Mikati has the right to be happy today. The phone call that he received from the French president and the Saudi crown prince, dedicated him as the first man in his sect and the first official in Lebanon. It is enough that the contact was not made with the President of the Republic, but rather with him, which suggests that France and Saudi Arabia are counting on him to achieve the desired change internally.

But the question remains: Is Najib Mikati up to the task? To answer the legitimate question, we must return to the joint French-Saudi statement. The aforementioned statement singled out a special paragraph about Lebanon, and what was mentioned in it is crystal clear. Rather, it constitutes a road map for getting out of the crisis.

Because the paragraph is somewhat long and complex, we will only quote one sentence from it. The phrase speaks of the necessity of limiting arms to legitimate state institutions, and that Lebanon is not used as a springboard for any terrorist acts that destabilize the security and stability of the region, or a source of drug trafficking. There is no doubt that Hezbollah, which is participating in the government, is the primary meaning of this phrase. Will it agree with it? Can Najib Mikati have any influence on the party in this context?

The straightforward answer is no. The party is not willing to give up its weapons in the current circumstances, and if the appropriate conditions come to hand over its weapons, it will certainly not sell this paper to Mikati, who does not have the price for it at all, knowing that he absolutely does not like to pay any price!

So, the Saudi-French statement is very important and important, but it has no practical repercussions for the absence of the Lebanese will, and because the man chosen to implement it, i.e. Mikati, is not the right man to implement it! Major fateful decisions need great men to implement them.  How can Mikati, who does not call his government to a meeting because Hezbollah does not want that, how can such an irresponsible official liberate Lebanon from the control of Hezbollah’s weapons? And how can someone who is unable to achieve small achievements achieve great achievements?

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