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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Sunday, January 24, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:
– How did Sunday lockdown pass? What about violations and what about the new measures for returnees?
– How will the vaccination centers be distributed? And according to what criteria?
– Bahaa Hariri: Saudi Arabia has given a lot to Lebanon and Iran has supported a terrorist organization called Hezbollah
Crisis counter and COVID counter, are the same in Lebanon, in terms of the high numbers, even on holidays. This authority does not deliver solutions but crisis. It has become almost clear that this authority cannot take any initiative, first because it is uncapable, and second because of its affiliation to Hezbollah. The paradox in this regard is that the party arranges the affairs of its environment and its supporters in its areas of control, and in return it obstructs the authority from taking any step forward. The authority today, stands at the platform of failure.
As far as general closure is concerned, there are violations that would reduce the feasibility behind this closure. At the level of facing the living and economic challenges, the authority is approaching the hour of truth, which is how will it go on with the subsidy, in light of the huge shortage of dollar reserves? The authority does not have any answer after the catastrophic failure in the subsidy that affected the food basket that was smuggled, so the subsidy was for smuggling and not for poor families.
At the level of vaccinations, it is not yet known exactly how the authority will organize this process, knowing that several voices began to rise calling for the private sector to be involved in this process, especially since the experience of the public sector, specifically the Ministry of Health, in the Corona crisis was not encouraging.
Amidst all these crises, the situation of forming the government remains out of reach, in light of the continuous rams between Baabda and the designated president.

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