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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Sunday, January 31, 2021

In today’s bulletin:
– Tripoli is Quiet today and investigations are still in square one.
– The Maronite Patriarch regarding Tripoli: Poverty behind the demonstrators and hunger is in front of them.
– will the vaccine in Lebanon enter the political squatters and mediation bazaar?
Tripoli is waiting for the investigation, which has not yet been completed, and which is still in its initial stages, whether at the Intelligence Directorate of the Lebanese Army, or the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces. There are detainees at the two systems, and the investigations are confidential, but what was revealed, is that the detainees did not give any information about their connections, who moved them and who funded them. This means that there is no clarified links till now, knowing that what moved Tripoli is hunger and destitution, especially after the lockdown was extended, so the situation exploded and Tripoli exploded.
The Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi, defined this fact accurately, who raised the tone and addressed the politicians saying, “You, political officials, Instead of analyzing who is behind the demonstrators to justify your chronic failure, it would have been more useful to anticipate the escalating explosion and address the conditions of the poor neighborhoods in the city of Tripoli, and cases of general hunger in the country.” You yourselves are opening the doors for the saboteurs and their employees. Stop ignoring the real reasons, which are social, financial, professional and living. Poverty is behind the demonstrators, hunger is in front of them, and despair fills their hearts.” It means that there is no government formation in the foreseeable future. Apart this advanced stance of Bkerke’s Head, political stances were absent, as it seemed clear that the executive authority is still mired in its contradictions, which means that there is no government formation in the foreseeable future.
As for the only development, it is a security one, represented by the arrival of the Lebanese, Zaid Al-Dika, from the Emirates, and he is one of the eleven Lebanese who will be released after mediation by the Director General of Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim

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