| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Sunday, January 9, 2022

In today’s news bulletin

– Sorting continues in the Dental Syndicate elections… Amid a fierce battle
– Educational conflict between the Ministry of Education, schools and teachers.. Is the school year threatened?
– After the Lebanese judiciary was easy on him, the harasser Marwan Habib is in American prisons
Confusion is the tiltle of this stage, and unfortunately, it holds many titles. The first is political – constitutional – institutional confusion, which begins with the Parliamentary exceptional session, and does not end with the dialogue table. What is for sure, is that confusion has one source: the Aoun-Berry conflict, which does not seem to end until the President of the Republic leaves Baabda Palace. The first and most prominent victim in the conflict, are the Lebanese people. Instead of addressing the homeland affairs, you see officials and presidents concerned with their struggles and focus on their contradictions and preoccupy themselves with their differences, which are mostly small disputes over shares, gains, and spoils.
So, why does the Free Patriotic Movement differ with Amal movement, for example? Is it on the economic vision, for example, or on the economic benefits and financial gains for each team? In the matter of education, the situation is not better. The Minister of Education wants to open schools and educational institutions, but teachers and professors do not want to, and most parents do not want to, and most educational administrations do not. In this case, how will Minister Abbas Al-Halabi open educational institutions tomorrow? Will he go alone to school tomorrow and return to the classroom to adhere to his decision and not back down from it? And the education issue isstill fair if compared to the financial and economic situation and the living conditions. People groan and ache, but no one hears the sound of their pain. Most of the political forces continue to abuse the state and its resources. As for Hezbollah, it continues the sweetest and dearest mission to its heart: to strike Lebanon’s Arab relations in general, and the Gulf in particular, considering that it is confident that Iran, AL-Wali Al -Faqih and the mullahs, are the ones providing Lebanon with “candies”. Alas for a country whose politicians are either ignorant, corrupt, thieves, or prioritize the interest of another country, over the interest of their own.