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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Sunday, July 11, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Search for Hezbollah in disrupting government formation, without government and justice the statelet becomes stronger
  • Will keeping political immunities push the United Nations to put Lebanon under international trusteeship?
  • Delta strain, a disturbing guest, will its danger overthrow the immunity that has been achieved within months?

How difficult for a person to cite his enemy in order to describe his situation, but sometimes what is more difficult becomes easy in front of the truth. The Israeli Prime Minister said in a statement today that Lebanon is on the verge of collapse like all the countries controlled by Iran, and that its residents are paying dearly the cost of this control.

What the enemy prime minister has said is so true unfortunately. Apart from the deteriorating economic situation in which we are all living, all the situations in Lebanon seem to be in crisis, and the reason is Hezbollah, the Iranian arm in Lebanon.

Since the party took control of the decision-making process, the Lebanese democracy in most cases has been governed by obstruction. Of course, the party does not disrupt directly, but through its ally, the Free Patriotic Movement.

The latest example of disrupting constitutional institutions is the failure to form a government since 11 months ago. Can anyone believe that if Hezbollah wanted a government, it would not have been able to achieve this? The two parties obstructing government formation mainly Gebran Bassil and Saad Hariri, are ready to fulfil Hezbollah’s demands based on its support for them. However, the party does not want to interfere with the two groups because it wants more wearing out, as “the weaker the state, the stronger the statelet”.

Another example relates to the investigation into the port crime. When the judicial investigator announced that he had accused three Members of the Parliament, a minister and a number of leaders of the security services, those concerned responded to the request to lift the immunity of the defendants, and it seemed that the investigation could reach prominent figures this time.

However, Nasrallah had a different opinion. In his recent media appearance, he criticized the judicial investigator and questioned his integrity and drew question marks about the politicization of the file. Here the situation changed completely, so the joint committee in Parliament postponed the lifting of immunity from the members, and the Minister of Interior refused to lift the immunity of Major General Abbas Ibrahim.

Hezbollah, since the assassination of Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, he has hated the truth and never wanted justice. A country that Hezbollah wants without a government and without justice, isn’t it a country on the blink of collapse?

The well-known proverb says, “Take the truth from the mouths of the lunatics.” As for the Lebanese, the proverb unfortunately applies to us with some modification: “Take the truth from the mouths of the enemy”… What a shame!

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