| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Sunday, November 28, 2021.

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Calls for a “Day of Anger” on Monday, Is the Big Bang approaching?
  • Why did the Dentists’ Syndicate elections cancel, and what about the pharmacists’ race?
  • Following the first office Akkar, “Sawa Li Lubnan” opens its office in Saida

The ‘Omicron’ variant moved from Africa to Europe, and fears are sparked from its spread to other continents. Will the world return to the quarantine stage again, especially since there is no accurate and definitive information yet about the vaccines’ efficiency in combating the new mutant?

Meanwhile, Lebanon is drowning in its usual daily sufferings and uncertainties. Will the Cabinet convene or not? Will the Parliament interfere in the judicial file or it will not? What is the real position of the President of the Republic in regard of what is happening politically and judicially? These questions have been strongly raised, but there isn’t definitive answer so far, given that the government’s performance so far is doomed to failure, or even to debacle.

Najib Mikati’s visits abroad were in vain. What can a Prime Minister whose government does not convene have to say to the world? How can a Prime Minister who is not able to convince his ministers to convince the countries? Will Mikati dare to tell officials in the countries he visited that the Shiite duo do not want a judiciary independent of political authority, so his ministers will not attend government sessions until further notice?

Does Mikati dare to tell the officials that Hezbollah’s Iranian agenda is not compatible with the Lebanese agenda, which has an Arab dimension? Does he dare to announce that we lack the hope of building a real state in Lebanon as long as the state of Hezbollah devours the state’s resources every day without pity or mercy, and that this statelet is quietly and maliciously planning to become the state one day? Most likely, Mikati will not dare to say all these things.

His stances are always grey, and he is fully aware that councils are not trustworthy in official meetings in the world. Therefore, it would be better for him, and less costly for the state’s treasury, to remain in Lebanon.

What is the use of an official to ask for the world’s help as long as he is unable or even unwilling to help himself?

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