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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Sunday, October 3, 2021

It is unfortunate the situation the citizens and the country are going through! Do you believe that while people do not know how to live with their meager salary, how to get their children to school, and how to go to work with a gasoline cannister that exceeded 200,000 LBP, and how they are unable to visit a doctor or admit a hospital, do you know at this particular time what officials are busy with?

They are being busy with a play called “Tanfisa” that will be shown on “Al-Madina Theater” in Beirut. The crime of the aforementioned play is that its authors and executors did not submit it to the General Security to obtain its prior approval.

Are we in the beginning of the 21st century or in the darkness of the Middle Ages? In what country other than the totalitarian police countries are creative works presented to the security and intelligence services? Which soldier, no matter how high his rank, is authorized to say yes to a theatrical performance and to say no to another theatrical production? Hey guys, we are in the age of the internet and social networking sites. We are in the era of bringing down borders and turning the whole world into one global village, so how do you think yet of means of restraint, prevention, suppressing, and oppression?

We know that the problem is elsewhere, specifically that the play criticizes the president and the corrupt political class, calling them thieves. Were the people of honor, and greatness in need of a play to know how people perceive them? You, gentlemen, are thieves and even more.

Everybody knows you and you do not need to recruit the General Security to prevent the Lebanese from calling you by this title. It is your title and you deserve it. Where do you run from it? A final word on the matter. Do General Security officials know that a while ago the Syrian Social Nationalist Party held a military parade in the street in which the play was shown, without the intervention of any security apparatus and without the state taking any measure against those who organized and executed the military parade?

Has the military show become dearer to the heart of the authorities than the theatrical performance? Shame on our country!

  • Sawt Beirut International