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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Thursday, August 5, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Mikati from Baabda: We are progressing slowly and insisting on forming a government. Will Mikati succeed where Hariri failed?
  • The path of escaping from justice continues, and confessions reveal who smuggled the nitrates from the port
  • Lebanon is economically and financially devastated, and its state is looking for new gutters for corruption

“I saw strange things and suspicious movement in the port on August 4, 2020, the day of the bombing, and I, as a truck driver, transported two loads of nitrates to the south”, this testimony was given by Imad Kashli last night to MTV, and it is a testimony that confirms what is certain. In every major bombing in Lebanon, searched for Hezbollah, from the bombing of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri until today. The actions are known as well as the perpetrator.

In the year 2005, Hezbollah was one of the few parties capable of carrying out a terrorist operation in Lebanon on the level of the assassination of the martyred president. The ruling of the International Court came to prove the aforementioned proposition. In the past seven years, who was able to cover up the process of storing ammonium nitrate in the port except Hezbollah? Who was able to benefit from ammonium nitrate except Hezbollah and its ally, the Syrian regime? Who was able to secure the road for the driver, Imad Kashli, to the south, and perhaps also to the Bekaa, except Hezbollah?

So too, let’s stop burying our heads in the sand, and let’s stop denying and let’s face the truth as it is. The truth is that the uranium entered Lebanon and settled there, and the greater part of it was distributed by land. Does anyone believe that all these things happened when Hezbollah did not see anything, did not hear anything, and did not suspect anything? Indeed, does anyone believe that Hezbollah does not control the security of Beirut Port just as it controls the security of Rafic Hariri International Airport?

The crime of the port is dangerous, and the statements of Imad Kashli are the greatest danger. So, is anyone moving before the whole of Lebanon turns into a bunker like ward No. 12?

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