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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Thursday, July 29, 2021


Interior Ministry struck by the “financial” mine, and Mikati’s forming desire before August 4, dissipated

The authority topples the by-elections, and Parliamentary vacancy does not bother it

Food poisoning pressures hospitals, and the guilty one, “electrical rationing”.

Kobayat burning, the state is powerless, Lebanon drowning, the state is powerless, and between fire and drowning, the citizen burns his life humiliated on the road. Everything is difficult to obtain in Lebanon, from diesel to medicine, and even the bread loaf. The new Prime Minister-designate, Najib Mikati knows very well this reality, so he is expediently acting unlike his predecessor Saad Hariri. As the latter needed weeks’ break between each visit to the Republican Palace, while Mikati visits it daily.

So, in form, rhythm has changed, but in substance, it is all still the same, or perhaps even uglier, as Mikati is  becoming a daily hostage of Hezbollah. It all started when the “party” intended on naming him to form the government, as the head of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc, MP Muhammad Raad announced, which stirred Arab and Gulf anger against him? From this point of view, we understand the sudden travel of the Saudi ambassador to Riyadh for consultations, and from this perspective we also understand the hint of Saudi sources that they fear he will be repeating his 2011 governmental experience, when forming the government of Hezbollah. And this is not something far attenable by this man, as he is capable and ready for everything in order to enter the Grand Serail and be the current prime minister, not a former one. But doesn’t Mikati realize that things are different now, for Lebanon in 2021 is not the same as in 2011. The past ten years have been catastrophic for this small country, making it lose its immunity and the components of its steadfastness, especially on the economic level. And thus, dancing with the Iranian wolf exposes Lebanon to indispensable tragic results.

Lebanon is burning, so will Mikati act in an appropriate manner and stop Hezbollah at an end, before fire spreads and hell’s flames engulf us all?