| 30 January 2023, Monday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Tuesday 9 November 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • A fierce war against Al-Bitar and Judge Mezher hit the secret investigations and legitimized them
  • From the Captagon pomegranate to George Kordahi..Hezbollah has deepened Lebanon’s Arab isolation
  • Syria increases Lebanon’s suffering and requires a commission to pass Egyptian gas through its territory

What happens in the court of justice? Is it ridiculous, as some consider it, or an honorable matter, as others observe? In fact, two scenes graze the Palace of Justice in Beirut.

The first, funny but even comical, as the lawyers of the deputies and the defendant ministers file new lawsuits every day, or lawsuits of legitimate suspicion, or even lawsuits against the state. Thus, the defense lawyers for ministers and representatives are no longer interested in defending their clients, but in fighting the judicial investigator, and they are making all efforts to stop his hand from the port crime case, so that the response cases have outnumbered twenty. Is this normal? Does the matter not indicate that the defense lawyers for the ministers and representatives are fully aware that the accusations leveled against their clients are true, so they direct their legal arrows towards the judicial investigator to prevent him from completing his investigations, given that the best method of defense is to attack?

On the honorable side, things are nicer and brighter. It is sufficient to stop at two events that happened today. The first was to stop the Judge Habib Mezher from filling lawsuits against Judge Al-Bitar. The second is that the Noun women’s group decided to close the office of Judge Habib Mezher, based on a decision issued on behalf of the Lebanese People’s Court. Doesn’t this indicate that, despite everything that is happening in the court of justice, things are fine, and justice is fine, and that no right will die behind it? In short: Hezbollah and its followers bet every day on two things: the terror of judges and the despair of the people. But neither the judges were afraid, and they didn’t retreat, nor did the people despair and retreat. Therefore, let everyone wait for the indictment of Judge Tariq Al-Bitar to be issued soon, and it will be a ruling in the name of the Lebanese people, because most of the people are with the justice of the inclusive state, not the justice of Hezbollah’s state.