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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Tuesday, December 28, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Following Aoun and Mikati’s speeches, shall we say that the call for holding a dialogue is too late?
  • How are revolution groups preparing to contest the Parliamentary Elections?
  • Will we witness the end of Coronavirus?

How weird is our Republic? The President has one speech, and the Prime Minister has totally different one. The President desires one thing, while the PM seeks another.

What does it mean for the President to have a message to the Lebanese and then the PM holds a press conference 12 hours before the speech of the President?

Are we in front of a race over positions, or a race over television appearances? But whatever it is, it is proven that the letter and the press conference did not present anything new, except that they showed the shallowness and weakness of the republic. For instance, the President talked about the defense strategy, and the significance of holding a dialogue about it, but why did President Aoun wake up during the last ten months of his era to talk about this issue? Does he really want to discuss it, after forgetting it for five years and two months?

Is President Aoun, who has become a party, still able to run the dialogue as a referee and as a true president of the republic? The answer is definitely no. Therefore, Aoun’s real intention regarding the defense strategy as a whole is to put Hezbollah in front of two possibilities: either a pledge to push Gebran Bassil over the republic after the end of his presidential term, or putting the defense strategy on the table for discussion and negotiation. Will the yellow party be subject to Aoun and Bassil’s blackmail?

On the other hand, Mikati’s situation is not better off. He was and still the symbol of the Prime Minister who does not have a clear position, so he prefers to round corners and in a shallow way, without going into the depth and core of the problems. For instance, Mikati talked about Hezbollah and considered it a political party. Is this real and realistic? Doesn’t Mikati realize that Hezbollah has intervened in Syria and Iraq’s affairs, and still interfering in Yemen, as confirmed by the spokesman for the Arab coalition forces in Yemen?

How long will Mikati evade the truth, and did he end up lying on himself, after he had finished lying on others?

  • Sawt Beirut International