| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Tuesday, December 7, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

– Approval of student dollar in the legislative session, and Mikati gathers a mini-government
– Aoun is upset with Macron, and France and Saudi Arabia require reforms to help
– Doctors imigration, the crisis of medicine, and the high cost of hospitalization.. No way out.

Say whatever you want about the parliamentary elections, whether they will take place or not, and whether they will be conducted in March or May. These two matters can be interpreted. On the other hand, make sure of one thing, Gobran Bassil does not want the elections. For the son-in-law believed at the beginning of his uncle’s era, that he had convinced the public with his philosophical arguments, and that he is capable of fighting the toughest battles and win them all. He also thought- and not all thoughts are true- that the country gave him a final debt, and that he would be the natural heir of his uncle in Baabda Palace in 2022. But the winds blew contrary to what Gobran desired. The strong covenant failed miserably, and the slogan of strength fell forever.The Lebanese people also discovered the truth of Gobran Bassil. He is a man of authority, not a statesman, and he prioritizes his direct interest over the interest of his country and homeland. His performance in the various ministries, especially in the Ministry of Energy, raises more than one question mark, but rather many doubts.
And this is how Gobran Bassil was defeated publicly, and most of October 17 revolution’ slogans focused on him and his performance. Still, and with all this tragic situation that engulfed him, Bassil was ready, maybe, to face reality. But he is definitely not ready to face what the voices of those in his constituency represent. Statistics confirm that in the third district of the North, where Bassil is running, there is around 25,000 people who are registered. If we consider that most of these are against the ruling system, and its first symbol is Gobran Basil, then this means that Basil lost a complete score in the circle, which increases to his loss, and exposes him to complete defeat, i,e; to fall personally. So, is this quwstion still neccessary? Gobran does not like loss, and the motto of the covenant is well known: the son-in-law has the right to what no one else is entitled to, even if the matter leads to the ruin of the homeland and the end of the country. Will there be an end to this nightmare?