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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Tuesday, January 26, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:
Lockdowns and street anger are two parallel lines.
– Vaccination plan, tomorrow, and platform launching, Thursday.
– More ambiguity in the port explosion file, forgery and misinformation.
The scene is back on the street, people want to feed their children and families, the authority impose lockdown and force them to stay home, but without providing any elements of survival and steadfastness. People endured the first ten days, but as soon as the extension of lockdown to the eighth of next February was announced, the street exploded under the title “we stay home, but who feeds our children?!
The authority does not have answers because it does not have solutions or remedies. It stands incapable of these demands. The question is, to what horizons will those moves reach? And how will popular protests be able to avoid the Corona pandemic? Here we are faced with a dilemma. The lockdown peoples’ needs, and the protests exacerbate casualties’ numbers, and in both cases, we are facing a painful scene entitled, “people pay prices.” the people pay the price, the price of lockdown and of protests. And here another question arises: Are we facing October 17 Part 2, it is worth clarifying that the October 17 revolution did not stop, but was stopped at times by repression and at other times by Corona, but this complacency on the part of the revolutionaries was read by the authority, as a suspension of the revolution.

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