| 27 November 2022, Sunday |

“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Tuesday, November 16, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

A non-positive meeting between Mikati and Franjieh… and Qatari mediation was stillborn

Prime Minister: No to barter between Al-Bitar

During the strong era, purchasing goods declined and crimes and thefts raised

Three numbers grab the attention of the Lebanese these days. The first is positive, the second is negative, and the third is between any possible two aspects.

The positive number is the number of Lebanese diaspora registered to participate in the 2022 elections. So far, the number has reached 165 thousand, and the number is expected to rise to more than 200 thousand after four days, that is, with the end of the registration timeline. The number so far is good, and the hope is that the majority of those who register today will participate in the voting process, in order to achieve the desired change. It is no longer permissible for the republic to remain in the custody of a corrupt class and system that does not hesitate to do everything in order to preserve its interests and gains.

The second number is negative and is the dollar exchange rate number. Today, the green currency set a new record, as it crossed the ceiling of 23 thousand pounds. How can the average Lebanese who is still receiving his pension on the basis of 1,500 Lebanese pounds live? Is official inaction on this level the result of great futility and utter failure, or the result of a conspiracy being hatched against Lebanon to change it? As what is happening will empty the country of its sons and the country of its promising young talents. Is the political class innocent of the blood of Lebanon and the Lebanese, and is it the one who sticks the knife every day and every hour into the bodies of the Lebanese, their livelihood and their daily life?

The third number remains, which is the number 29. On November 29, the Vienna negotiations between Iran and the United States of America will basically resume. Will the negotiations achieve the hoped-for goals, or will they be like the previous ones?

Waiting is the master of the situation from now until that date. In the interim, the Lebanese situation will remain as it is, as there is no meeting of the government, no solutions to the collapsed economic situation, and no real financial treatments for the deterioration of the exchange rate of the lira. We are waiting, and the 2022 elections are awaiting, knowing that if the Vienna negotiations fail, the country may be faced with the option of assassinations instead of the option of elections!

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