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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Wednesday, December 29, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Aoun and Mikati lead the country each on his way
  • Saudi sources, Mikati plays on words
  • Soleimani’s paintings on the Airport Road contradicts Mikati’s remarks

In the last few months, Lebanese were witnessing a rift between the President of the Republic and the Parliament Speaker, but this dispute has evolved to include the Prime Minister as well. The dispute between President Aoun and Mikati has not yet appeared in the media, but nevertheless it is an existing reality which is exacerbating every day.

The evidence on this is that PM Najib Mikati held a press conference 24 hours before the message addressed by President Michel Aoun to the Lebanese. This situation carries suspicion and mistrust, because if the two officials were really in agreement, is there a reason to go to the Lebanese people twice in less than 24 hours? The difference between the two men is crystal clear, as President Aoun wants to hold a Cabinet session with whomever attended, while Mikati wants to satisfy the Shiite duo.

President Aoun wants a dialogue to discuss three matters, while Mikati does not want to discuss more than one issue. If the President of the Republic and the PM are unable to call for a Cabinet session, who will respond to the invitation for a dialogue table that is supposed to be run by the president with the help of the Prime Minister? If the President and the Prime Minister are unable to set a single agenda for the dialogue, then which one will take place?

In brief, everything the authority is currently doing, is a comedy that excavates the daily tragedy of the Lebanese. The only realistic solution to get rid of this corrupt and failed system is to hold elections. Will the authority dare and conduct it, or will it create a thousand reasons to postpone it?

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