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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Wednesday, July 7, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Hariri conveyed his apology to Berri, the Arab and foreign movement to produce a settlement
  • The rise in Delta infections threatens the health sector
  • The axis of opposition from Caracas to Sanaa humiliated by poverty and hunger

What does the caretaker Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, think about the visit of the French Ambassador, Pierre Dukan, that starts today, which aims to follow up on matters related to French aid to Lebanon. Why are we asking Diab’s opinion? Because the latter humiliated the international community yesterday in his speech before the ambassadors of the countries of the world, as he considered it responsible for besieging Lebanon and for the economic and social crises it is experiencing. Is Diab still on his position? Does he consider, for example, that Dukan’s visit is to besiege the Lebanese people or to help them?

Politically, the president-designate has made his decision to apologize, and he apparently told to President Nabih Berri his decision in the secret meeting that brought them together two days ago in Ain al-Tineh. But Hariri has not yet determined when he will apologize, how and in what manner and according to what method. Does he want to apology to get popularity in the Lebanese street in general and the Sunnis in particular, 10 months before the parliamentary elections? How long will the Lebanese have to wait? And does Prime Minister Hariri’s illusory victory over President Aoun deserve to bring us all to the brink of economic, living, electrical, oil and drug collapse? The problems are large and accumulated, and the treatment is missing. Are the officials failing, surrendering, or conspiring to reach the great collapse? The third possibility is more likely.

In parallel, it is sufficient to listen to the poles of the opposition, headed by Hassan Nasrallah, to realize the extent of the distance from reality. The Secretary-General of Hezbollah considers that the solution to Lebanon’s problems is to seek Iranian help without objection. Does Nasrallah not know that Iran suffers from an electricity problem, just like the rest of the countries of reluctance?

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