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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Wednesday, November 17, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Will the Constitutional Council accept strong Lebanon’s appeal to the electoral law amendments?
  • Dis the huge social explosion approach?
  • Fears of lifting subsidies on chronic disease medicines is rising

The magic has turned on the magician. It is the most applicable example that suits Gebran Bassil’s situation currently with regard to the elections of the Lebanese expatriates around the world. The head of the Free Patriotic Movement, who was excited and intoxicated by his uncle’s victory in the Presidential Elections in 2016, believed in 2018 that the expatriates he visited as Minister of Foreign Affairs, promising them peace and comfort, believed that they would owe him allegiance when the parliamentary elections take place.

Therefore, he put his efforts when drafting the electoral law to include the expatriates in the voting law. But unfortunately, he was mistaken. Although the expatriates were admirers of Basil’s dynamism as foreign minister at the time, they were against his political choice, against his alliance with Hezbollah, and against his preference for the state’s interest over the state. This was four years ago, when the era was in its infancy, and its utmost power. How rather, today, when the era of Michel Aoun is at its end, and after it became clear that all theories of power that were falsely attached to the covenant have fallen.

From here, we understand the appeal that the FPM presented today to the Constitutional Council. Its intent is clear: to cause confusion in the electoral process, possibly leading to the postponement of the elections. The FPM is fully aware that its popularity has declined across Lebanon, just as its popularity has demolished among the diaspora.

FPM will use all possible means to prevent holding elections on their initial date in March, because it realizes that the popular wav is not in its interest. From here we also understand how all kinds of obstacles face the expatriates who wish to register their names in the upcoming elections, and most of the obstacles come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is affiliated to the FPM.

In any case, whoever believes that President Michel Aoun will sign the decree inviting the electoral committees is mistaken. All the figures indicate that his heir, Gebran Bassil, does not even have the electoral quotient in his electoral district!

Is it sensible for Aoun to sign a decree that puts an end to the political role of his successor, who burned everything in the republic for his sake and to fulfill his ambitions and even…his whims?

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