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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin for Wednesday, September 29, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • This is how the system traps the port file
  • What is the plan of the authority to abort the “Megacenter” plan?
  • Hunters are not obeying to the new law

Has the spirit returned to the October 17 revolution? The question is legitimate after the remarkable move that took place in the Palace of Justice today. It is true that the move was organized primarily by the families of the victims of the port bombing, and some revolution groups sympathizing with their cause joined them, but the important thing is that the move was purposeful, bearing a clear title: The ruling system should not obstruct the port’s investigations.

Perhaps this particular matter is what suggested that the October 17 revolution could regain its previous momentum, if it knew how to define its goals, in the short and medium term. If the revolution wants and seeks to build a state, then no state is built if its judiciary is not independent, and its judges are not free.

Noting that the problem of the Lebanese judiciary is doubled. On one hand, there is the system that overturned the judiciary through some of its deputies and ministers, and filed lawsuits of response and legitimate suspicion against Judge Tariq Al-Bitar. On the other hand, there is Hezbollah, which pressured from outside the state, and outside the laws in force, trying to intimidate Judge Al-Bitar by directing a verbal threat to him.

Here are two questions to be asked: Hezbollah is firmly in power, whether in Parliament or the Council of Ministers, so how can it allow itself to act as a full-fledged militia outside the mechanisms of the state and the law? Or at least, how has he not yet issued a statement denying Wafiq Safa’s threat to Judge Bitar? And the second question: Why did the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Appeals not move to file a case against Wafiq Safa on charges of threatening a judge and obstructing the course of justice?

While waiting for the answers to the two questions, the families of the victims are required to continue their movement, away from two imminent dangers: politicization and sectarianism. Dear people of the system: raise your hands from the revolution, your hands are dirty and your history is black. Dear people of the revolution: stay with the families of the victims, and support them. There is no real revolution if we do not reach true justice and an effective judiciary. May the blood of the victims of the port bombing draw the road map for the Lebanese to a state of independence and law.

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