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Sawt Beirut International news bulletin, June 10, 2022

The fate of Lebanon is between the palace and the son-in-law!!

Once again: Gebran Bassil is the problem. Currently, there is a lot of talk about the reasons that prevent parliamentary consultations. There are those who say that the President of the Republic postpones it in order to secure the largest possible consensus on the personality of the future prime minister. There are those who link the matter to President Michel Aoun’s desire to agree on the form of the government before conducting binding parliamentary consultations.

Of course, there is no need to say that the two matters strike and violate the constitution before the eyes of the Lebanese and the world. What is worse is that what the President of the Republic says and what his sources say do not at all express the truth and reality. The real problem is elsewhere.

The President of the Republic will not conduct binding parliamentary consultations unless he secures one of the two matters. Either Gibran Bassil is appointed as minister in the new government, or the Ministry of Energy is given to a figure close to MP Basil, so as not to say who is from the Free Patriotic Movement. If neither of the two matters is satisfied, there is no hope of forming a government in the last five months of the era. Therefore, dear Lebanese, do not hope too much to form a government as long as Gebran Bassil is still in control of the decision in the presidential palace. And if the Lebanese proverb says, “The son-in-law is the strongest bond,” then the facts of the strong covenant say: “See what the son-in-law wants, and you’ll know the reasons behind the palace’s decisions.” All we can say that the fate of the Lebanese is miserable with such a palace and with such a son-in-law!


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