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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin- June 16, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Conference expected tomorrow for supporting the Lebanese army is likely to succeed, and supportive countries adhere to the legitimate military institution
  • Medical supplies crisis is about to explode, and confrontation is escalating
  • International human right organizations call for an international probe in Beirut Port blast amid the authority’s procrastination

The nature of the ongoing battle between the President of the Republic’s parties and the Prime Minister-designate parties have changed. The dispute today is no longer between Gebran Bassil and Saad Hariri, but rather has become a battle between Michel Aoun and Nabih Berri.

The conflict between the two officials has become a direct battle, and what was hidden under the table has become obvious, exposed and above the table. Today, the Parliament Speaker responded directly to the Presidency’s statement, and this had made the government formation process more complicated.

The hurdles are not only related to the government formation but has expanded to target the relationship between all the pillars of the ruling parties. It has become a battle of powers, capabilities, and sectarian’s rights, while the country’s economy is struggling.

The dollar has reached its highest record exceeding 15,000 LBP, and it is likely to continue soaring to 20,000 LBP per dollar.

The decision for lifting subsidies has been postponed, waiting for someone who dares to take it. The Caretaker Prime Minister don’t want to take this decision, citing the caretaker’s argument. One reason behind his refusal is that he does not want to bear the popular consequences of lifting subsidies, a year before the parliamentary elections.

However, the surprising news is what the World Bank has revealed that the Lebanese army is threatened by one of the worst financial collapses, and that the catastrophic economic situation is putting unprecedented pressure on the army’s operational capabilities. The officials have committed an unforgivable crime. Throughout the years of their rule, they legislated the existence of an army and a resistance on one land. This situation had led to the presence of an illegal army that enjoys a comfortable economic situation, compared to a legitimate army that is struggling and suffering.

Unfortunately, once again, illegality proves that it is stronger than legitimacy, and the statelet is stronger than the state. How can Lebanon be a state as long as there are no responsible rulers?

  • Sawt Beirut International