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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin- June 17, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Corrupt authorities are demonstrating against themselves and demanding reform
  • The United Nations asks its staff in Lebanon to provide supplies for two weeks
  • Queues of humiliation at gas stations continue

At the time of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, the martyr journalist Samir Kassir wrote an article entitled “Military exercise on who” in which he criticized the joint Lebanese-Syrian security services for trying to stifle people’s freedom and prevent them from expressing their opinions. Today, with the strike that took place in the country, we can borrow a short phrase to ask “Strike against who?”

Most of the ruling political forces supported the strike, and raised its slogans, if we did not say they stole them. The glaring examples of this are represented by three forces, the Amal Movement, the Future Movement and the Free Patriotic Movement. These three forces are present in governance at all levels, and their financial scandals, quotas and obligations are more than can be counted. These three forces are mainly responsible for the deteriorating economic situation of the country. Thus, how can it allow itself to be a spearhead in the demand for reform? Doesn’t it realize that it is at the root of corruption in the country? Do those responsible of it not realize that as a result of their erroneous and corrupt practices, the lira collapsed, the economy was hit, and the country almost fell? Hezbollah is now letting it wrestle, disagree, and quarrel over the formation of the government, as it did yesterday, because in fact it does not want a government now, but when the hour of truth comes, the party is able to control these three political forces and force them to abide by the decision it deems appropriate for it and its dangerous project for Lebanon.

Let us wake up before it is too late and liberate ourselves and our present from the forces that robbed us and made us poor, not enjoying the minimum necessities of life, and let us always remember and not forget “all of them means all of them”.

  • Sawt Beirut International