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“Sawt Beirut International” news bulletin- June 18, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

Minister of energy calls upon the Lebanese to go back to stone age

Officials still throwing statements at each other and government forming theatrical play continues

Berri and the president designate confront Bassil and Hezbollah embraces Hariri

What message did the Labor Union’s strike deliver? And did the aforementioned strike achieve its goal, or after 24hours things are back to normal? To answer these two questions, one should admit that the strike’s goal began and ended ambiguously, rather there is a clear goal for those who called for it, which is to restore the Labor Union’s entity, and establish the principle of it being the representative of working Lebanese, or else, what would a one day strike achieve, (if it was a successful one). Facts showed that the strike was a failure, as the already consumed faces reappeared and so did the slogans, in addition to the speeches which were stale. As for the participation, it was very low, which marks a blow not to the Labor Union alone, but to the supporting political forces as well. Can Amal movement still claim that it is the “container” of labor force? Doesn’t the low participation percentage in the Sunni community prove that “The Future” can no longer motivate people, even under brightening social and labor titles?

Along with the strike failure, the Lebanese public opinion is still analyzing the historic speech of the minister of energy Raymond Ghajar, as he said: “ He who cannot pay 200 thousand L.L. for gasoline should stop using the car and uses another mean”, but no one could understand what the minister means by “another mean”?  There is no metro, nor trains, nor new transportation means, even the public buses which was known by “Jahsh Aldawle” in the pre war era, no longer exist, so what will we do Mr. Minister? Do we go back to using donkeys as transportation means? This pet could be the perfect solution, as in light of such a state and officials, only donkeys can solve this problem