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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin- March 11, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • The Lebanese revolution is looking for a successful global exemplary. Any opportunity to seize?
  • The Lebanese authorities “printing money” as a consolation prize, even at peak time of bankruptcy.
  • 500,000 of Lebanese people have lost their jobs within two years and unemployment rate exceeded 50%

It is the calm after the storm, and perhaps it is a calm between two storms. Protesters asserted that what happened on Monday and Tuesday will not stop but that the approach will be different. Demonstrators will be back on Friday and Saturday to the streets and squares in Beirut, Tripoli, Sidon, Tire and perhaps in other cities and places. This time the comeback will have a dual objective: to confirm the dynamism of October 17th has returned and to raise a loud and sharp protest cry against the executive and legislative authorities at the same time. The Parliament that will hold a public session tomorrow is still deaf to the real demands of the people. For example, the capital control, electricity, smuggled funds laws and many others were not included in the agenda of the Friday session. Why? Is it through denial that people’s demands could be resolved?

In parallel, the executive authority is no better than the legislative one, as the caretaker government is not only resigned from addressing the people’s concerns, but is also avoiding that. In addition, the President insists on refraining from holding any session under the pretext of the constitution. It is obvious that this is only an excuse for the government that is not willing to be held responsible for any matter. Meanwhile, the awaited government will not be formed soon, because the initiative of Major General Abbas Ibrahim is almost colliding with the dead-end, so how can we have hopes under the reign of a government that does not want to rule, and a government that they do not want to be formed. Is it by adopting these negative approaches that we build a country?

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