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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin- March 17, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Collapse shocks are racing. Gasoline crisis launches the decision of removing subsidies on all commodities
  • The fall hits all sectors, and the labor union is being unresponsive to its workers
  • The independence of the administrative judiciary before the legislation, did the sorting process start?It is the state of continuous permanent bargaining, the last barter that took place between officials, was that between President Nabih Berri and the Free Patriotic Movement, which ended with a clear profit for both parties, and a clearer loss for the country and the people. The FPM achieved its goal and obtained the treasury advance demanded by the EDL, even though through payments by installments. Last week, Speaker Berri managed to hold a general Parliamentary session, after the FPM ensured the required Christian presence in the session that fulfills the meeting’s convention.What happened in Parliament within a week constitutes a glaring image of what is always happening among the pillars of the system. One main principle adopted is “Scratch my back and I will scratch yours”. Unfortunately, such a principle does not build a nation nor establish a state, and one main evidence resulted in what we have come to today. The commercial market is either almost empty of foodstuffs or closed its doors permanently waiting for relief, while gasoline increased by 4,000 pounds at one time, and the worst of all is that no solution appears on the horizon, and what solution are we waiting for in the presence of such officials? In Baabda Palace there are useless meetings whose decisions remain ink on paper, and in Ain El Tineh, a movement that proposes initiatives to form a government and then watches them falling the one after the other. In the Grand Serail a resigned prime minister who does not want to take the minimum decisions and does not want to assume any responsibility. In Beit El Wasat, stands a Prime Minister-designate who does not form or does not seek to form any government, and the most important thing is that despite the terrible deterioration at all levels, the concern of the system is to ensure its parts in the new government. What do they gain if they win parts and shares but lose their homeland?  

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