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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – March 19, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Commodities in Lebanon: easy come, easy go. Which mechanism is adopted in order to control high prices?
  • Energy steamships. A Turkish series known for bribes, and the file expects the Judiciary’s decision.
  • The Lebanese and the Palace don’t seem to live on the same planet. The Palace’s priority is an advance from reserves for maintenance.

Finally, Hassan Nasrallah gave his real statement regarding the government. The Secretary-General of Hezbollah did not ignore what he said yesterday. He considered the internal situation and without compromise. Instantly after he gave his speech, MP Gebran Bassil tweeted: “When Nasrallah revealed his position, did he take into consideration the possible response of the international community in the event that such a government was formed? Has he forgotten that when the President of the Republic of France came to Lebanon, Hezbollah was among the first to accept the government of independent professionals? Has he also forgotten that the essence of the French initiative was based on such a kind of government? And that the international community attaches great importance to dismiss politicians from the government formation task? More importantly, isn’t he aware of the fact that forming a government of a political nature will inevitably lead to the continuation of the Lebanese bleeding economically and socially, given that the donor countries will refrain from lending a hand to Lebanon? ”

In brief, the policy of arrogance remains as is. No willingness is perceived among those who call themselves ” the opposition team” in forming a government in the near future. For those who are waiting for Monday hoping that the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister-designate will meet to form a unified government are hallucinating. Do not expect any government formation in the near future. One main evidence is that Nasrallah called on President Hassan Diab to reactivate the caretaker government, and another evidence is that the meeting between Presidents Aoun and Hariri was not as positive as was required, as some believed. The point of disagreement between the two presidents remains as is, Hariri wants President Aoun to name his ministerial share only, while Aoun considers himself a partner in naming all ministers.

Talks and sources mention that the two presidents agreed to resume the meeting based on Hariri’s progress with a new government proposal, but hold on. What if Hariri doesn’t have any new proposal? What if he insists on his one and only proposal? In such event, will the Lebanese people witness a never-ending crisis, hitting all level and sectors?

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