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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – March 21, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • On Monday’s eve meeting, Hariri visits Baabda without his two basic conditions for government formation, so shall he surrender?
  • One month after launching Covid-19 vaccination campaign, is the country on the right track for recovery?
  • A citizen lost his eye in Port of Beirut explosion, so he resorted to art instead

Few hours before Hariri’s visit to Baabda, a blurry and confused image appears behind forming a government. What is happening not comfortable at all for the Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri. Walid Jumblatt’s surprising visit to the Presidential Palace and his meeting with the President of the Republic Michel Aoun continued to worsen the political situation of Beit Al-wasat. The Prime Minsister designate who is betting since five months ago on the formation of a government from specialists have received a first blow on Thursday, when the Secretary-General of Hezbollah made his speech. Hassan Nasrallah has plummeted a big part of the French initiative, and has also dropped what Hariri was betting on when he called for a techno-political government, which is able to face the crisis in Lebanon.

Jumblatt has also completed on Saturday what Nasrallah has started, as he was stunned about Hariri’s insistence on a specific number of ministers to form a government. Jumblatt was clear, as he criticized Saad Hariri without naming him directly.  ‘Sawt Beirut International’ sources confirmed that Jumblatt, in his meeting with Aoun, was surprised about Hariri’s stance and his persistence on a government of 18 ministers. Jumblatt said during the meeting: “I really don’t know what are the reasons that prevent the formation of a government from 20 or 22 ministers, especially that the current situation does allow us any longer for distracting with the number of ministers and the ministries they will handle.

Nasrallah and Jumblatt’s stances have weakened Hariri’s position towards the President of the Republic, as he will attend the Presidential Palace tomorrow, were both his allies and opponents have dropped two basic conditions that he has set before for the formation of a government, so how Hariri will act in this matter? Will he stick to his stances and insist on it, based on his designation, or he will give up and surrender to facilitate the government formation, or he will apologize before the end of March?

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