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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – March 22, 2021

A brief of today’s news bulletin:

  • Hariri’s 18th visit to Baabda didn’t borne fruit, and the promised government will not see the light soon.
  • Will the corrupt political regime waste gas after it has wasted the billions?
  • Restaurants back to life, after suffering for a long period of time due to devaluation and price manipulation.

The French Foreign Minister has sounded the alarm again, while the President of the Republic and the designate Prime Minister’s meeting ended recording a new failure. The whole world is expecting from the political parties and officials a historical and responsible stance, but unfortunately, they are so far away from being responsible, and they rather continue their conflicts and minor battles.

The world expects from the Lebanese leaders structural reforms that would avoid the country additional economic collapse. But the Lebanese officials failed in the last years to unite on forming a government. After Baabda’s meeting today, things have not only returned to the starting point, but many steps further than the starting point. We are in a very bad situation and all the negative possibilities are open.

According to our data, the meeting between Aoun and Hariri was a total failure, very quick, as it didn’t last more than 20 minutes. This confirms that Hariri and Aoun don’t have anything to say. So can a country that is about to collapse to be managed without any means of dialogue and interaction between the leaders. At this time, Jean-Yves Le Drian was confirming that Lebanon is collapsing at a rapid pace and that this cannot be avoided except by executing structural reforms. But unfortunately, the Lebanese officials are busy in everything except in setting the required reforms, and they are only looking on how to benefit from this situation.

Since Hassan Diab’s resignation and the assignment of Mustafa Adeeb and then Saad Hariri, we haven’t heard any of the officials talking about a real reform project or a real future vision or even a recovery plan to combat the catastrophic situation. All what we heard about is distributing shares and ministries to sects and parties. What a misery that leaders are fighting for some benefits and shares while their country and citizens are suffering. The Lebanese officials have turned the country into a skeleton after steeling it for 30 years and made the people desperate with no soul or spirit.

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