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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – March 25, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • The ambassadors, government’s “rescuers” and from Baabda platform, Shea asks: Isn’t it time to act?
  • Is the Syrian regime trying to replace oxygen with hidden prisoners there?
  • Prisoners drowned in crisis and dying from starvation

On Annunciation Day, no good news are announced. Negotiations that are going on between the parties held accountable for the formation of a new government are almost absent and were replaced by contacts made by ambassadors of countries interested in Lebanese affairs, contacts occurring on two levels, on the first hand, with Lebanese officials, on the other hand, between each other. Today was the task of the American Ambassador to meet with the President of the Republic, the  Parliament Speaker, and the Prime Minister-designate. Significantly the pillars of diplomacy in Lebanon began to give up their diplomacy when it comes to discussing the Lebanese situation. From Baabda Palace, Ambassador Dorothy Shea asked today, isn’t it time to abandon demands blocking the formation process and implement a settlement? The American position revealed by the ambassador is of ultimate importance, especially that it came after her visit to the Republican Palace. Now will both Aoun and Hariri hear the voice of American diplomacy after disregarding the voice of misery and pain of the Lebanese?

In parallel, a meeting of the Supreme Council for Defense will be held tomorrow, on Friday, to discuss health, security, economic, living and financial affairs. Is the Supreme Council acting on behalf of the Council of Ministers? Did Aoun succeed in creating a parallel executive authority in light of Hassan Diab’s unwillingness to activate the caretaker government, while Hariri has failed to form the awaited government? Regardless of the answer, it is clear that what is happening constitutes a new violation of the constitution and confirms once again that Lebanon is witnessing a shift in perspectives, even the constitution and the laws.

At present, the visit of the Minister of Health to Syria is still the source of the disapproval of a large number of Lebanese, as how does Syria of Al-Assad, that regime that is extracting the good of the country and killing the Lebanese on a daily basis, turn into a supportive and loyal hand now? Didn’t the Minister of Health realize that Assad’s Syria, which he thanked for having provided Lebanon with an unnecessary amount of oxygen, is held responsible for suffocating the Lebanese by smuggling medicines, fuel and foodstuffs? Doesn’t Hamad Hassan realize that Assad’s Syria is killing Lebanese lives every day by smuggling primary commodities that the Bank of Lebanon supports?

Dear Minister, stop thanking Syria and “laughing at us”. We ask Syria, in case the regime is willing to lend a supportive hand to Lebanon, to stop stealing Lebanon’s goods and to free those who remain missing in its prisons and cells. One should not forget that Syria of Assad is a country that has persisted in its crimes against the Lebanese, so please respect our minds, and stop portraying it as if it is a charity or an ambassador for good intentions and a supporter of tormented humanity.

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