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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – March 27, 2021

In tonight’s news bulletin:
• Diplomatic endeavors land in Ain al-Tineh; what are Berri’s chances for a formation breakthrough?
• Asad and Hezbollah back in the accusation spotlight in the assassination of late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Will the STL change course of action?
• Dentists are victims of COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis. Sector threatened of falling apart due to Lebanese pound depreciation.
• What’s to come after all the Western and Arabic diplomatic endeavors in Lebanon? Despite the fact that wishing for an “after” is still premature, diplomatic rounds are ongoing and were exhibited today with the visit of Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid Bukhari to Mukhtara and meeting with the Head of the PSP Walid Joumblatt. At face value, the diplomatic rounds are very ramified, however, it seems like it will go back and dock in Ain al-Tineh. An Initiative is being brewed in Speaker Nabih Berri’s back kitchen, sources told Sawt Beirut International. The initiative is said to consecrate two rights. The president’s right to accept or refuse any name or portfolio allocation in the PM-designate’s formation, and Hariri’s right to refuse that any faction acquires the blocking third of the Cabinet, referring to the FPM’s demand. Will Berri be successful in pushing and enforcing his initiative?
• Local and regional feedbacks clearly show that whatever Berri is preparing will not be a walk in the park. Inside bumps are way too many and they prevent reaching the formation of a seven-month due Cabinet. Regionally, the US-Iranian pull and bear is at its peak, something the personal assistant to the head of Iranian Shura Council Hussein Amir Abdul-Lahian clearly expressed in a tweet saying that Saudi Arabia, the US and France are following a policy that dictates the absence of a strong Cabinet, disagreements and the weakening of the resistance and that all of these issues are another way to normalizing relations with the Zionist entity and weakening Lebanon.
• The Iranian stance is very revealing, considering the failed Hezbollah visit to Syria which floated the Iranian-Russian differences in approaching regional issues.
• In conclusion, we have the local complications ahead of us and the regional conflicts in our back. Where to go?

  • Sawt Beirut International