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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – March 29, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Demonic trade at the UNESCO Palace, advances against darkness?
  • Communications, negotiations and visits for the formation of a government, all went in vain.
  • Iranian medicines are invading Lebanon, medicines that had not been approved

Once again, the Parliament proves itself as a showroom hosting failed plays. The title of the last show today was the Law of Recovering Stolen Funds from Corruption. Three main observations were recorded during today’s failed play: The first observation is that most of those who voted for the law in Parliament and communicated on the platform of the palace UNESCO, belong to corrupt parties, which have been stealing people for thirty years and made more than two-thirds of the Lebanese the poor population of today, so how can these people allow themselves to treat corruption and fight against it, at a moment when their parties are among the pillars of corruption ?! Aren’t they aware of the fact that lies can no longer go with citizens?

The second observation is that the nation’s representatives were preaching to the Lebanese of the necessity of establishing a financial court that would implement the law of recovering stolen funds, indicating that such a matter falls under the independence of the judiciary. You have legislated a law that is in fact a suspended law, only, since when will the financial court be established? And when will its executive decrees be delivered? Most importantly, what judiciary independence are you talking about? Aren’t you conscious that the judicial formations have been disregarded, it has been a year, by the President of the Republic, because he is not satisfied with excluding some of the names supporting him from their influential positions? What did most of you do to defend the independence of the judiciary? Aren’t you all remaining silent and submissive? Or have you forgot that he who is silent about the truth is a dumb Shaytan?

The third observation is related to the electricity advance decided by the Parliament, an advance amounting to two hundred million dollars. Again, Lebanese citizens’ money are stolen publicly, shamelessly! with their slogan: The Advance or the darkness? This is the so-called, a demonic trade, a deal that keeps exposing the Lebanese to an unknown destiny, watching every single day, a new parliamentary scandal that costs the treasury about 50 billion dollars, which is half of the public debt. So when will stop bleeding financially and electrically? In other words, when will the stolen money be really recovered? When will the long-awaited electricity promise be kept? Hopeless hopes!

News spread on social media said that the United States government offered a reward of up to ten million dollars in exchange for information about Hezbollah terrorist Salim Ayyach for his involvement in operations aimed at harming American people. The news includes a number to contact them via Telegram, Signal or WhatsApp to report any information, with the following hashtag #SalimAyyash#Lebanon.

As soon as the news spread, the Businessman, Cheikh Bahaa Rafic Hariri posted the following tweet:

“I welcome such measure taken by the Biden Administration stipulating to hold accountable one of the participants in the assassination of my father, Martyr Rafic Al Hariri. I have always believed that one day, justice must prevail.”


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