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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – March 31, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Syrian regime enjoying oil mining from Lebanese sea, while Diab’s government is in a coma
  • Siemens continues to do the plan in reverse regarding the electricity file, and Deir Aamar is picked to be another victim.
  • Treatment and medicines in Roumieh prison are incurred by prisoners’ families, news denied by the Ministry of Interior.

Some people will never change, and are not willing to change. Just like Syria of Assad. It will always and forever remain greedy, exploiting Lebanon’s goods. For thirty years and until today, Syria continues to control Lebanese decisions and control everything they have earned, watching it gone down the drain. And with all of that did, it didn’t stop there, and doesn’t seem to know its limits. Again, Syria found a new exploitation in the deep water of northern Lebanon: oil mining. A new achievement added to the distinguished achievements of Bashar Al Assad, who inherited from his father the love of monopolizing Lebanon and enjoying its wealth, in addition to, of course, the passion of eradicating Lebanese leaders who are a significant benchmark for Lebanon’s history. Nevertheless, the main problem does not lie here. The problem is that the Lebanese authorities have not yet taken any practical steps to prevent Syria from persisting in its naval aggression, exactly as it continues to implement smuggling operations from Lebanon to Syria. Will the President of the Republic and the caretaker government act before it is too late? Or that both sides are benefiting, considering it as a “fraternal deal”, no more no less?

Legally talking, remaining silent to such a latter means to pave the way to Syrian rights in the Lebanese sea, even if unlawfully. Is this what the Lebanese officials are seeking through their silence? Not to mention their conspiracy on the Lebanese borders…

No news heard regarding the government’s formation, because “circularity” is devoid of hope. All talk, no action. And the achievement of any progress is almost impossible, but things aren’t always the way they look. European and American-backed initiative is still alive, as France told concerned Lebanese officials to opt for Plan B: to sanction any part blocking the formation of a new government.

While our rulers, officials and politicians are being subject to sanctions from foreign authorities because of their corruption, isn’t it time for us to teach them a lesson too and punish them for leading us to a violated sovereignty, a collapsed economy and a failed state?

  • Sawt Beirut International